European Style cafe (New)


Ref No: 284

Asking Price:0.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:European Style cafe (New)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Home Cooked Healthy Meals (NEW)

This is a Work FROM HOME BUSINESS based in Port Elizabeth. The business started as an add-on to a highly successful existing Weight loss solutions business when the owner of the weight loss solutions determined that there was a need to provide her weight loss clients with fresh, delicious home cooked meals and snacks without putting the weight loss program her clients were following at risk. The food quality and delicious meals provided quickly ensured that this home cooked meals operation gained a loyal following that still brings its customers back time and time again. All recipes are included in the sale with full training to be provided by the current owner as well. This is a WORK FROM HOME OPERATION and the new owner will need their own Kitchen / preparation area. Profitable, well-known and with an established loyal customer following this business is ideal for any person looking for just such a WORK FROM HOME / HOME COOKED MEALS BUSINESS

Ref No: 291

Asking Price:0.00
Net Profit:300000.00
Sector:Home Cooked Healthy Meals (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Fish & Chips Cafe (NEW)

This is a lovely newly established little fish and chips cafe that has just come onto the market The business is located in an upmarket residential and business area. The assets of the business are new and are all included in the asking price. The location allows the business to provide both a sit down and takeaway service to its patrons. Although the business is still new it is fast developing a very loyal following. The menu is simple, extremely tasty and superbly priced. All recipes are included in the sale with a full handover and training period that will be provided by the seller. This is an easy to run operation and when combined with the asking price, ambience, location, growth potential and fully trained team, this is an absolute gift of a business to own. For information on this unique and outstanding opportunity please email

Ref No: 292

Asking Price:325000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:Fish & Chips Cafe (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Home Industry


Ref No: 272

Asking Price:375000.00
Net Profit:259000.00
Sector:Home Industry
Area:Port Elizabeth

Outdoor Sporting Equipment

This is an established multi-part business that is for sale in Port Elizabeth. There are 4 main parts to this business. The business has been trading for 10 years and through the years has added different product offerings to their product mix which today makes it possible for this business to offer the diverse product range and services that it does. Profitable and priced to sell this business is ideal for a first time business owner, as a family business or anyone looking to buy an established outdoor business operation

Ref No: 288

Asking Price:425000.00
Net Profit:160000.00
Sector:Outdoor Sporting Equipment
Area:Port Elizabeth

Biltong and Gift shop


Ref No: 274

Asking Price:550000.00
Net Profit:20000.00
Sector:Biltong and Gift shop
Area:Port Elizabeth

Powder Coating


Ref No: 232

Asking Price:650000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:Powder Coating
Area:Port Elizabeth

Pub and Grub

A cozy little pub and grub situated on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth for sale. The business is well known for serving good wholesome food with cold bear at really good prices. Live music and Karaoke evenings are regular activities associated this pub and grub. The warm greetings received from both the staff and patrons, combined with the easy conversations, generous handfuls of bar snacks, clean and pleasant ablutions all add to the cozy and welcoming environment. Profitable, neat, clean and with one of the best Sunday lunches in town, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Ref No: 247

Asking Price:650000.00
Net Profit:43000.00
Sector:Pub and Grub
Area:Port Elizabeth

Coffee Shop & Bistro

A Beautiful, Profitable, and Popular Coffee Shop/ Bistro for sale. This is a well-known business in the area and is very popular with locals, visitors to the area and holiday-makers to the town. This coffee shop / bistro is located in a popular shopping centre which generates a constant flow of visitors. This bistro is the ideal place to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea in a relaxing and tasteful atmosphere. The ambience has a distinctive continental feel and is truly a great place to sit back and relax. The menu includes delicious cakes, brunches and light lunches. The food is imaginative, fresh, delicious, and have some unique twists in the dishes. The menu also caters for vegetarians & vegans. Seasonal influences are a factor with this business. With its warm, neat and relaxing environment, this Coffee Shop/ Bistro is the perfect choice for any person looking for a lifestyle change and at the same time keeping themselves busy with a unique business opportunity.

Ref No: 269

Asking Price:660000.00
Net Profit:211200.00
Sector:Coffee Shop & Bistro
Area:St Francis (Eastern Cape)

Security Installation and Maintenance (NEW)

This business provides not only the products but is also able to provide the repairs and maintenance to the products that it has installed for their clients. The business has been operating for 15 years and has built up a solid client base.The business provides your typical security installations products which includes CCTV camera, electric fencing, access control, gate motors, alarm systems and other similar products. This is also a work from home operation with the owner being committed hands-on operator. The property from which the business operates is leased but the property at this stage is not available to purchase. This is an urgent sale as the owner is currently in the process of Emigrating., Priced for a quick sale, this business is ideal for another business to purchase and add to their overall product offering or for a hands-on operator who is familiar with the industry and who is looking to own their own business.

Ref No: 294

Asking Price:750000.00
Net Profit:500000.00
Sector:Security Installation and Maintenance (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Coffee Shop


Ref No: 268

Asking Price:900000.00
Net Profit:720000.00
Sector:Coffee Shop
Area:Port Elizabeth

2 x Health Fast Food shops

Well established fast food business focusing on healthy meal options which are either collected or delivered to clients. The business has an established well known and trusted brand which has generated a large regular supporting client base. There are two branches and both of the branches are for sale. The one branch is located in Newton Park while the other is located in Walmer. The Newton Park branch has been trading for 12 years while the Walmer branch was established 2 years ago. The second branch was opened as a result of customer demand and to service a wider area in Port Elizabeth. Both branches are owned by the Seller. The Newton Park branch is run by the Seller while the Walmer branch is manager run. This business presents an extremely exciting opportunity for an energetic entrepreneur to unlock.

Ref No: 290

Asking Price:995000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:2 x Health Fast Food shops
Area:Port Elizabeth

Bistro & Coffee Shop

(Price Reduced). This is an absolute Gift sale at this asking price. The business is located in a popular shopping complex in Port Elizabeth and is the perfect place for a stopover when shopping. The business is well known for its food portions and has become a destination store within this shopping complex. The food quality and friendly service ensures that the business has gained a loyal following which brings its customers back time and time again. All recipes are included in the sale with full training to be provided by the current owner as well. Catering for off-site functions as well as on-site special events is a value added service that currently offers superb growth potential. All the cakes, pies, muffins and breads are made on site. Profitable, well-known and superbly located this business is ideal for any person looking for an awesome bistro / coffee shop.

Ref No: 265

Asking Price:1000000.00
Net Profit:538500.00
Sector:Bistro & Coffee Shop
Area:Port Elizabeth

Online Clothing Store


Ref No: 256

Asking Price:1500000.00
Net Profit:534400.00
Sector:Online Clothing Store
Area:Port Elizabeth

2 x Fish Retail stores and Wholesaler

After the 1st retail outlet was opened it developed such a sound following that the owner recently opened a 2nd retail outlet. The recently opened 2nd retail outlet is already showing steady growth. Both retail outlets are located in well-established residential areas, are easy to find and highly visible. The retail outlets are known for the supplying daily fresh fish to clients and residents. All 3 of the businesses are owned by the same person. The wholesale operation is a separate legal entity though which the seller distributes fresh fish to various parts of the country. The asking price includes stock on hand of about R150 000 per store. The wholesale stock on hand will be negotiated separately. The Seller would prefer to sell all 3 businesses at the same time but is prepared to sell the 2 stores separately from the wholesale side. Easy to run and priced to sell this is a superb business opportunity that is most certainly not to be missed.

Ref No: 285

Asking Price:1500000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:2 x Fish Retail stores and Wholesaler
Area:Port Elizabeth

Vehicle Repairs (NEW)

This is one of the best vehicle restoration businesses in Port Elizabeth. The business provides a one stop panel beating and vehicle restoration service (including major structural repairs) to all makes and models of vehicles. This is a very neat, clean, professional operation and the business is very well known for the quality of its work. An approved supplier for all the major insurance companies with plenty of future growth prospects; this is an extremely exciting opportunity for any person wishing to enter the vehicle restoration business. The asking price includes all assets and stock on hand. With its steady growth, secure business and superb name this business presents a fantastic opportunity for any person who has a passion for vehicle restoration.

Ref No: 289

Asking Price:1800000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:Vehicle Repairs (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Themed Restaurant

A Licensed and Beautiful themed restaurant for sale. This is the only one of its kind in Port Elizabeth and is located in a well-known residential area in Port Elizabeth. This restaurant has been trading for a number of years and is a well established destination restaurant. The venue consists of an inside dining area, a bar area and an outside area. Profitable, well established and renowned for its vibey atmosphere this opportunity is one not to be missed.

Ref No: 238

Asking Price:1800000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:Themed Restaurant
Area:Port Elizabeth

Fine Dining Restaurant


Ref No: 239

Asking Price:1900000.00
Net Profit:0.00
Sector:Fine Dining Restaurant

Superb Security Installation Business (NEW)

Established in 2005 this business has been supplying and supporting the security industry, residential owners, commercial property owners and the construction industry with security solutions / access control solutions for many years now. This is a work from home operation and the new owner has an option to purchase the property from which the business operates (for a separate amount) as well. The business is very well run with all financial records in place. Profitable, priced to sell, well established and with the option to purchase the property; this business is a superb opportunity for any person looking for their own installation business, a security company looking to add to their product offering or a national operation looking to expand their business footprint.

Ref No: 293

Asking Price:2000000.00
Net Profit:1094500.00
Sector:Superb Security Installation Business (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Factory Shop (NEW)

The store is located in Jeffrey’s Bay in a small and well known retail centre. The store is known for carrying a major well known clothing brand. The Seller started the store in 2009 and has run it ever since.The store is fully fitted and all the fixtures and fittings are included in the sale. Seasonal factors are an influence with this business. Perfectly priced this is a great opportunity for any business person wanting to enter the clothing retail sector or a business wanting to expand its footprint.

Ref No: 281

Asking Price:2400000.00
Net Profit:500000.00
Sector:Factory Shop (NEW)

Small Student Accommodation (NEW)

This is a small but very profitable Student Accommodation operation based in Port Elizabeth that is for sale. Decent Student accommodation is in short supply in Port Elizabeth and this business is perfect for somebody looking to break into the Student Accommodation market. There are 2 x properties included in this sale with a total offering of 19 beds or 11 rooms for students. All the rooms are fully furnished with the majority of the rooms being double rooms (sleeps 2 x students). Rental agreements are in place and only students who are both registered and have been accepted Profitable, secure, well maintained and with the property included in the sale this type of opportunity is a very rare find not to be missed.

Ref No: 296

Asking Price:2400000.00
Net Profit:374066.00
Sector:Small Student Accommodation (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Scrap Metal Yard

This scrap yard was established around 20 years ago and has been trading ever since. The business is known both locally and internationally for the selling of scrap metal.All trading and operating licenses are in place including those for export. The asking price includes all the assets of the business such as vehicles, forklifts, containers, metal sorter, weigh bridge and etc. Long established and profitable this business opportunity is perfect for any person or business looking to enter this market or to expand their current market share

Ref No: 266

Asking Price:2850000.00
Net Profit:450000.00
Sector:Scrap Metal Yard
Area:Port Elizabeth

Digital Imaging


Ref No: 196

Asking Price:2900000.00
Net Profit:1595000.00
Sector:Digital Imaging
Area:Port Elizabeth

Meat Processing Business


Ref No: 245

Asking Price:3300000.00
Net Profit:2400000.00
Sector:Meat Processing Business
Area:Port Elizabeth

Commercial Vehicle repairs

A Profitable truck and trailer repair centre specialising in fleet maintenance for sale. This business consists of two parts namely a commercial vehicle repair workshop (all makes and models) and secondly the selling of new and second hand commercial vehicles of a well known brand. This is a very well established business with a customer base in excess of 600 members. This company is the preferred repairs and maintenance choice of many big fleet owners in Port Elizabeth and is extremely well known for its excellent service to their customers. Profitable and perfectly priced this business is ideal for any person or business wishing to acquire such an enterprise

Ref No: 195

Asking Price:3700000.00
Net Profit:750000.00
Sector:Commercial Vehicle repairs
Area:Port Elizabeth

Motor Vehicle Spares

This is a very unique and lucrative Motor Spares business for sale.This business specializes in the sale of New and Second Hand Motor Car Spares and they are the only business of its kind located between Cape Town and George.The property from which the business operates is included in the asking price and consists of a modern industrial building of 470 m2 located on 3,737 m2 piece of land. Stock on hand is on average about R1.5 million and is included in the asking price.The business uses a computerized stock control system whereby each and every motor vehicle component (whether new or 2nd hand) is categorized, valued and stored in its own specific location, this in turn makes the finding of a spare part possible at a keystroke. Annual turnover has shown consistent growth year on year and the same can be said for the annual net profit. Easy to run and priced sell this business is perfect for any person who has a passion for new and second hand vehicle sales.

Ref No: 283

Asking Price:5995000.00
Net Profit:884902.00
Sector:Motor Vehicle Spares
Area:Mossel Bay

Micro Finance

This is a very rare opportunity that has been made available. The business has been trading for 6 years and is quite profitable. The business is based in Port Elizabeth near a well known shopping centre. All legislative compliance requirements are in place. The business is manager run with the Seller playing an oversight role. The business operations are computerized which makes the managing and control of the business far more efficient. With its established profit margins, sound digital footprint and unlimited growth potential, this business opportunity is a must have for any entrepreneur or other business looking to enter this market.

Ref No: 279

Asking Price:6325000.00
Net Profit:1945000.00
Sector:Micro Finance
Area:Port Elizabeth

Precision Engineering

(OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS). This is a well known and successful high precision tooling plus stamping company that services mainly the motor industry. This business offers a variety of engineered parts ranging from connectors, to harnesses, to pressings and similar items to the local and international vehicle market. The business is located in a well known manufacturing area in Port Elizabeth. The business has been around for 17 years and boasts some really big name clients. The business is ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and RMI accredited.This is a serious opportunity to any business person or company wishing to acquire an established, profitable and well know engineering business that is successfully operating in the motor trade.

Ref No: 97

Asking Price:14000000.00
Net Profit:2000000.00
Sector:Precision Engineering
Area:Port Elizabeth

Student Accommodation (NEW)

This is an Immaculate Up Market Student Accommodation Operation Based In Port Elizabeth for Sale. Accredited Student accommodation businesses are in short supply in Port Elizabeth with student accommodation of this quality being in even more demand. The business is accredited with the NFSA for the next 3 years (until 2022) and when combined with the predicted shortage of beds, this business is literally guaranteed a full occupancy. There are 4 x properties included in this sale with a total accommodation offering of 128 rooms or 300 beds across all 4 properties. The entire operation is being sold and the Seller will NOT sell the properties separately. Accredited, Profitable, up market facilities, property included and secured business growth this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Ref No: 295

Asking Price:43000000.00
Net Profit:5767800.00
Sector:Student Accommodation (NEW)
Area:Port Elizabeth

Waste Removal Business

This business is one of the leading Drain Specialist and Waste Management companies. This business operates in a number of major centers in South Africa. All assets including its fleet of specialised vehicles are included in the sale. Profitable and with unlimited growth this is an extremely rare business opportunity.

Ref No: 228

Asking Price:58000000.00
Net Profit:4500000.00
Sector:Waste Removal Business
Area:Port Elizabeth

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